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Watch | Toronto Chef Sets Out to be the first Michelin Star Armenian Fine Dining Restaurant in Canada

Taline restaurant, named after chef Sebouh Yacoubian’s late mother, is a celebration of her spirit, her recipes and her heritage.

Taline is not only a love letter to the Yacoubian matriarch, but also a love letter to Armenian culture. Together with brothers Saro and Serouj, the trio aims to showcase Armenian culture, one dish at a time. The menu began in the pages of Taline’s personal recipe book.  

The dishes incorporate flavors and spices from Anjar, Bourj Hammoud and Armenia which tell the story of her heritage and Lebanese upbringing.

“I really wanted to remain true to my mom’s cooking, but I also want to elevate Armenian cuisine to the status that French cuisine has,” says chef Sebouh Yacoubian of his classical culinary French training. “I want to be the first Michelin star Armenian, fine dining restaurant in Canada.”

Wine enthusiasts will be excited to explore wines from Lebanon and Armenia which are a rarity in Toronto.  

The cocktail list was created in collaboration with Tunisian-born, Netflix Drink Masters finalist, Tao Zrafi.

“His familiarity with Middle Eastern flavors really helped us capture the essence of Taline,” says chef Sebouh, of the libations - a liquid tribute to his mother.

Chef and Partner at Taline, Sebouh Yacoubian.

Chef Sebouh's culinary journey began at home, where he watched Emeril Lagasse's cooking shows, igniting his passion for the culinary world. At just 14, he immersed himself in Massimo Capra's kitchen, where his love for kitchen culture grew. He trained at the Culinary Institute of America and Liaison College in Toronto, before becoming the head chef at Mamakas Taverna and Mayrik in Toronto. Sebouh co-founded Taline with his brothers, where they share their Armenian and Middle Eastern heritage.

Ornate ceilings and arched, stained-glass windows connect to a beautiful skylight. Snapshots of Taline’s life welcome you up to the 2nd floor private dining room with a 7-foot olive tree at its center, an homage to Taline’s love of plants.  

Interior of Taline.
Photos of Taline's life at Taline Restaurant.
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