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Boston: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Boston! Here we come!

If you're heading to Boston,  its neighboring Watertown - cough, cough, Armenian central - or anywhere in Massachusetts, we got the foodie recommendations from the locals to so you don't have to.

Get the dining experience you deserve from these Armenian-owned restaurants!

Zaatar Manoush from Anoush'Ella, Armenian restaurant in Boston & Watertown
Za'atar Manoush from Anoush'ella. Photo from Anoush'ella.


If you you're starting your day in Boston proper and are nearby South End, start strong and sweet with your first meal at Anoush’ella. For those heading to Fenway Park to watch a Boston Red Sox game, they recently opened up a location at Fenway.

Owned by the power couple Nina and Raffi Festekjian with Nina leading the charge in the kitchen, each meal is filled with a tasty magic you'd only expect in your own family's kitchen.

Shakshuka from Anoush'Ella - Armenian restaurant in Boston MIASEEN
Shakshuka from Anoush'ella. Photo from Anoush'ella.

Nina's Lebanese-Armenian roots are exposed when you step into back and discover a saj griddle as the centerpiece of their kitchen. Their family's dough recipe, vibrant and familiar spices, thin manoush bread, and an assortment of labne is equally filling as it is flavorful for a day of taking on the town.

Labne Manoush from Anoush'Ella Armenian Restaurant in Boston, MIASEEN
Labne Manoush from Anoush'ella. Photo from Anoush'ella.

First things first: grab that wake-me-up coffee, tea, or juice from their coffee bar. We all need it.

Then, based on your jet-lag cravings, we've been told some favorite go-to orders for you.

Banana and Almond Labne from Anoush'Ella Armenian restaurant Boston
Banana and Almond Labne from Anoush'ella. Photo from Anoush'ella.

Are you more of an egg and savory breakfast person? Try out their namesake Anooush'ella Omellette with the salty zest of cheese, cucumbers, olives, pickled turnips mint, and, of course, za'atar. If your belly perks up at the word "shakshuka", you can't go wrong with either their Labne Shakshuka or regular Shakshuka, both of which you can add soujuk to. I mean, come on!

The original Anoush'ella location was only a few blocks away from Boston University's medical school, and can only imagine the med students digging Anoush'ella's selection of manoush brea with bases varying from za'atar to labne to red pepper paste and more. To top the selection off, they give you options of veggies, fresh fruit, and granola to pair with your labne bar choice.

Coffee from Anoush'Ella
Coffee from Anoush'ella. Photo from Anoush'ella.

Whether you wake up with a sweet tooth or craving something salty, you'll be satisfied.


Lunch time! You're making you're way into Watertown and you need a mid-day energy boost.

Jana Grill and Bakery, owned by Suren Keryan and Moe Taha, is a cozy family run restaurant serving those traditional Armenian dishes you know and drool over. Depending on your level of hunger as the day goes by, this comfort food has your back.

Plate from Jana Grill and Bakery
The plates from Jana Grill and Bakery are sure to make you feel at home. Photo from Jana Grill and Bakery.

It is so refreshing to simply see "Khorovats" as a section on the menu. While many mediterranean and middle eastern restaurants revert to a gas grill to make their kebab, Jana sticks with goods and cooks thier kebab exclusively on a charcoal grill.

Don't want something as filling? Who doesn't love being able easily order kufta knowing you're going to be taken care of. If you're more on a health kick but still want to join your family for lunch, their Armenian salad comes topped with eggplant to perfect amount of sustenance to the light salad.

Jana exclusively grills their khorovats on a charcoal grill, not a gas grill. Armenian kebab boston jana Grill and bakery
Jana exclusively grills their khorovats on a charcoal grill, not a gas grill. Photo from Jana Grill and Bakery.

What is fun about Jana's is its combination of authentic cuisine from our geographic neighbors.

Jana is unafraid to incorporate delicious Georgian Khinkali dumplings or Georgian cheese boats, known on the menu as Ajarian Khachapuri.

Pro note: make sure if you order the dumplings, to first take a small bite out of the side to let the broth inside the dumplings cool down. Feel free to blow on it to bring it to a temperature your taste buds can handle, then drink from it like a cup. You won't regret it, just make sure you have your napkin handle. Then, feel free to scour the dumplings and the perfectly season beef inside of it.

Dumplings from Jana Grill and Bakery
Khinkali dumplings from Jana Grill and Bakery. Photo from Jana Grill and Bakery
Georgian cheese boats  from Jana Grill and Bakery. Photo from Jana Grill and Bakery. Boston Armenians
Georgian cheese boats  from Jana Grill and Bakery. Photo from Jana Grill and Bakery.

Dinner and Drinks

With spring and even summer on the horizon, finish the day on their patio at Nubar Restaurant.

Less than a 10 minute walk from Harvard Square, the Guleserian family has owned and operated both the Nubar Restaurant and the hotel - The Sheraton Commander Hotel - that it resides in. The menu bridges the gap between American cuisine and Armenian cuisine, without feeling like it is settling for one or the other.

Scallop Dish from Nubar Restaurant
Scallop Dish from Nubar Restaurant. Photo from Nubar Restaurant.

Don't let the "hotel restaurant" vibe fool you; Nubar isn't your run of the mill joint.

They alternate their menus according to the season, updating their cocktail and dinner menu where even locals need to return every quarter to see what's new.

Cocktail from Nubar Restaurant
Nubar Restaurant hosts an array of cocktails from sweet to the strong. Photo from Nubar Restaurant.

If you feel ravished from your East Coast summer humidity, start your feast by ordering the Nubar Mezze - especially if you're craving muhammara - and make sure to order their delicious Asparagus Flatbread to complete your appetizers to share.

There isn't anything the chefs at Nubar can't cook up form you.

Each and every entree is sure to put you in a food coma, from their thick steaks to their shrimp linguine pastas to their creamy risottos.

Steak Dish from Nubar Restaurant
Steak dish from Nubar Restaurant. Photo from Nubar Restaurant.

They also offer a 3-course curated meal of Armenian family recipes including an mezze plate of cheeses and tourshi, a juicy lamb kebab with couscous, and finished off with a little seen Gatna Bour dessert.

Entree from Nubar Restaurant
Nubar Restaurant presents a bridge between American and Armenian cuisines. Photo from Nubar Restaurant.

Any Armenian places to eat in your city? Send us an email and let us know!

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