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Odd-Ball Rapper BBNO$ Gone Wild

Stage names are a very common practice in the entertainment industry. Rihanna’s real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, Sean Carter as Jay-Z, Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. as Snoop Dogg, and so many more.

By that list alone, of course you would have guessed that someone with the last name Gumuchian would turn into bbno$, right? Alexander Leon Gumuchian born in Vancouver, British Columbia would one day be one of the biggest rappers to emerge from Tik-Tok as his new persona bbno$ (baby no mula). And if you couldn’t tell by the ian in his last name, he’s Armenian. We were just as shocked as you guys, and talk about an outlandish name. The odd stage name he chose for himself only gives you a glimpse of his kooky personality. 

Finding out bbno$ is Armenian was kind of like finding out that star of  “The Promise” Oscar Isaac was not Armenian… but like the exact opposite feeling. I guess bbno$ is a lot more palatable and easier to pronounce by the general public than Gumuchian, plus the name is fun to say. 

Rapper BBNO$ Margosha Gangalo Photoshoot Still Music Video
Photo taken by: Margosha Gangalo

Loud trumpets, a funky beat, and an eardrum-popping bass drop. That’s the sound of Armenian-Canadian artist and rapper bbno$. While he is categorized as a hip-hop artist/rapper, he is in a category of his own. His music is simply catchy and a fusion of different sound effects and instrumentation. It’s no wonder he’s been such a success thus far.

Along with his distinct sound he brings his own unique charm to the table. In other words, he is a complete weirdo, and that made us love him so much more here at Miaseen. To accompany the release of his newest single “Still”, bbno$ decided to promote it with a series of him planking. A trend that started back in 2011 and one that does not match the somber tone of the song at all, but for some reason it works! 

Bbno$ continues to sprinkle his unapologetic and unorthodox personality through all of his projects. Whether it being a promotional photoshoot or a fun Tik Tok, he is quality Gen Z level entertainment, purely unhinged. 

Rapper BBNO$ BDSM Mattress Store Photoshoot
Photo was taken from @BBNO$ Instagram page

I don’t know about you guys, but if I posted a BDSM-themed photoshoot in a mattress store, my Armenian mother would change the locks to our house.

So how did the madness start?

It wasn’t until 2019 when he collaborated with artist Y2K on the song “Lalala” that he saw the mass success he is experiencing to this day. And before you say to yourself that you don’t know this song, trust us when we say you do. 

Did that song give you flashbacks to the early 2020 Tik Tok days too or was it just us? 

That snazzy little masterpiece earned him his first debut on the BillBoards 100 Chart, peaking at #55 and staying on the charts for 21 consecutive weeks! The song now has almost 900 million streams on Spotify, and he’s received nearly 548 million streams overall on Spotify in 2022. 

From the success of “Lalala” bbno$ has released a plethora of singles and albums, went on tours, and often works with specific artists on a frequent basis like Yung Gravy and Rich Brian. Most notably on his song “Welcome to Chilis” with Yung Thug and even more recently “Edamame” with Rich Brian.

Bbno$ offers a completely different category of artistry and creativity for us to add to the Armenian diaspora catalog. His sound is fresh, his aesthetic is wild and all over the place, and his persona seems to be true to who he was before the fame. Going against the grain of the Armenian norm, he is a creative who you just can’t take your eyes off of. He is so lovable for his uniqueness, you never know what you’re going to get from him. Much like the early career of Lady Gaga, he is going to deliver what we least expect and he is going to do it well. Every day is a eat dress day for bbno$. 

Rapper BBNO$ Naked Birthday Money Photoshoot
Photo taken from @BBNO$ Instagram page

We here at Miaseen are huge fans of bbno$ and cannot wait to see what’s next for him. Make sure to stream his newest song “Still” out everywhere. 

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