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Rómchie's Tipsy Sex Appeal Shakes on "Like I Do"

The silky smoothness of Rómchie is beginning to take flight.

The New York pop singer released yet another dazzling single on Friday, dropping the summer lovebomb "Like I Do" that instantly shakes your hips.

Rómchie illegally parked in New York City.

Rómchie's unabashed blend of femininity and masculinity in his music and fashion commands a sex appeal unseen amongst male Armenian artists today. There is a tipsy looseness in his vocals, crossed with the unmistaken jazz and balcony guitar strumming influences in his productions.

"Like I Do" is the Jerusalem-born artist's most upbeat zinger to date.

Written for an ex-lover that since dumped the singer-songwriter, the ballad takes on a new meaning with his desire for both emotional comfort and electric excitement. "We've been on another planely / habibi / we should make love on the daily."

The song rocks back and forth with a grooving sidewalk bass line and roaring saxophone behind the catchy chorus.

As the song rises into it's Act III, he carefully backs up his own vocals like an anthem, "You're giving me the sweetest taboo / sweetest / like a honeycomb / dripping / right off my tongue / kicking / til' the pleasure is gone / what have you done / what have you done."

Rómchie's sensual songs of both desire and heartbreak have carved himself into the Armenian musical conversation.

The more singles Rómchie publishes on the ethernet, the more the artist demands a place in the Armenian music conversation. With self-made comparisons to Sade and James Blake, it is impossible to line him up next to Armenian artists of today or even the generation before, who seem to cling on for decades in the Armenian music industry.

With a growing catalog, the tarmac needs to be cleared for Rómchie's arrival.

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