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Krista Marina’s “Yalla Yalla” Inspired by the Chaotic Beauty of Getting Ready for a Night Out‍

There is nothing that will equip you better for a night out than meeting your friends to get ready together. Sitting on the floor of your friend's bedroom embarking on the pre-game rituals of blending your wardrobe with your best friends’ to put together an outfit, exchanging tips on the best way to apply eyeliner, or sharing our anticipations about who we might hope to see at the party, all accompanied by music and drinks. 

A still from the "Yalla Yalla" music video

Krista Marina’s latest single “Yalla Yalla” and coinciding video is an ode to these moments of camaraderie and chaos that precede a night out with your friends. 

“My entire life, the process of getting ready has been chaotic. From learning how to style my curls, to sharing outfits with friends and helping each other with make up,” says Krista Marina, “there’s a special camaraderie in sharing that excited anticipation together. ‘Yalla Yalla’ is inspired by that beautiful chaos.” she explains. 

Still from "Yalla Yalla" music video

Watch Krista and her gal pals embody the collective excitement of the endless possibilities that a vibrant night on the town holds.

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