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Bonzie to Play in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, DC on U.S. Tour

With sanitizer wipes being stripped out of scented cylinders and bandanas being bound to our mouths, Bonzie's surrealist pop song "alone" reverberated in the souls of hundreds of thousands feeling the solitude of 2020's quarantine.

Her melodic and enveloping production paired with a simple yet stark set of lyrics allows you to play your own story within hers. Bonzie encapsulates a darkening and unspoken emotion that was relatable to many.

The cover of Armenian-American artist Bonzie's album "Reincarnation".
The cover art of Armenian-American artist Bonzie's album "Reincarnation".

As the world began to "open up" and the spring sun began to warm not just our skin, Bonzie stepped out of her front door with her third and most prominent album "Reincarnation", which John Perales of The New York Times wrote "envisions a post-pandemic renaissance." Songs like "Cave", "Lethal", and the album's namesake "Reincarnation" completed a redefinition of the artist musically and in her brand.

The half-Armenian and half-German artist grew up in Racine, Wisconsin before her move as a teenager to Chicago, where her songwriting and multi-instrumental productions began to take shape. In Chicago, her influence of Japanese anime and philosophy evolved both in the studio and outside.

Her music videos commission eccentric and fluid animators that accentuate her sonic imagination. In Bonzie's video "Reincarnation", maestro animator Yosuke Tani constructs a dimension of rebirth themes and riveting imagery that ranks on par with Duncan Trussell's "Midnight Gospel".

Now two years after her last album's release, Bonzie is hitting her summer U.S. tour to continue expanding her reach.

Tour dates for Bonzie's U.S. tour this summer.

On June 28th, Bonzie takes the stage at Los Angeles's Moroccan Lounge, a sense of return for the artist who spent significant time in Los Angeles.

In July, Bonzie will be playing at Brooklyn's Public Records on July 7th before traveling to Washington, DC on July 18 for her show at Pie Shop. Tickets to her shows are available at bonzie.net/live.

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