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Lev, Laugh, Love | Episode 3: Lulacos

How to make Lulacos:

To make Lev's Lulacos you'll need corn tortillas, luleh kebab from your favorite Armenian market, queso fresco, parsley, onions and sumac.

Start off by heating up your corn tortillas on a griddle or flat pan.

With a spoon put one scoop of raw luleh eat on a corn tortilla and fold it in half.

Once you've prepared the amount of tacos you're making drizzle a bit of olive oil on to your griddle or pan.

Next, place your tortillas onto the pan or griddle and wait till you see the fat from the luleh come out to flip them over. (You''ll see a red color start to come through)

Keep the tacos on the heat until its your preferred level of crispy texture.

Time for toppings!

Peel and slice your onions and place them in a bowl. Then sprinkle in sumac and add in chopped parsley. (Optional: lemon juice and olive oil)

Crumble up the queso fresco and sprinkle on however much you want.

You can pair these tacos with salsa or incorporate Lev's Summer Salat from our previous episode for a tangy freshness.


Send us a picture or let us know if you try out this Lulacos recipe!

Send us an email if there is anything you want to see Lev make next!

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