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Why Armenian Pop Went International

The Lebanese Civil War created a mass exodus of almost one million people. As people packed their belongings, some reached for Lebanese-Armenian pop singer Adiss Harmandian’s record, unknowingly expanding his global impact into their new homes — one of them being the Armenian community in Los Angeles, CA.

Hear Darone Sassounian of Rocky Hill Records tell the unique story of the artist behind the second track on his ‘Silk Road’ compilation in our second episode of Studio Conversations: Darone Sassounian.

Darone released his compilation ‘Silk Road: Journey of the Armenian Diaspora (1971-1982)’ through Terrestrial Funk with a mission to explore the hidden gems of Armenian disco, funk, and soul.We aim to do the same with Studio Conversations: Darone Sassounian.

Watch as Darone explores this fascinating era of Armenian culture through these iconic records and their significance.

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