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New Episode of 'This Diaspora Life' Dives into Buenos Aires Armenian Diaspora

‘This Diaspora Life,’ a podcast released by Nour Jan Presents, uses oral histories and archival music to do an ethnographic deep dive into different diaspora communities around the world. 

The first season of the podcast follows Armenian diaspora communities interviewing Armenian storytellers of different mediums and disciplines to share their lives with us in order to better understand the forces that shape them, so far making stops in Beirut, Los Angeles, and Buenos Aires.

Hosted by Nour Jan Present’s founder, Angela Brussel American-Armenian-Lebanese writer and photographer, ‘This Diaspora Life’ explores how being a part of a diaspora community shapes one’s life as millions of Armenian emigrants and their descendants have been scattered throughout the earth over the past century building communities.

Nour Jan Presents is slated to release the latest episode of ‘This Diaspora Life’ centered around the Armenian diaspora community of Buenos Aires on June 12 at 10 am PST via Movement Athens. 

Angela and her team traveled to Argentina in March of 2022, she explains, “It was a month of dining in historic institutions with our diaspora elders. A month of ‘one more cup of coffee.’ Of khorovatz empanadas, milonga and kotchari. And the kindness of too many strangers to list.”

Watch the trailer for the upcoming episode below.

'This Diaspora Life' has previously released Episode 1 centered on the Armenian community of Beirut delving into the most famed Armenian enclave in Lebanon, home to thousands of Armenian diaspora, Bourj Hammoud.

Followed by episode 2 which dives into the Los Angeles Armenian diaspora community featuring interviews with Deputy Director of the USC Institute of Armenian Studies, Shushan Karapetian, artis, activist, and academic, Mashinka Firunts Hakopian, and more.

The full-length podcast episodes can be found on movement.am.

Angela explains, “in line with our ethos of community building and transnational solidarity, we hold residencies with different radio stations across the world who broadcast our episodes from radio alhara and dublab to movement athens. Once the first season is complete we will permanently upload all episodes to streaming platforms.”

Nour Jan Presents is a multi-sensory pop-up and podcast showcasing the (Armenian) diaspora experience.

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