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Lev, Laugh, Love | Episode 4 Pepper Pasta

How to Make an Armenian-Inspired Pepper Pasta Sauce:

Chop up one white onion. You can chop as big as you want, we will blend all the ingredients together at the end. "Perfection not necessary here. Just make it smaller."

Smash 4 cloves of garlic.

Add some olive oil to your heated cast iron skillet and add in the onions and garlic.

Get your pasta water boiling and add salt to the water. "Make it taste like the ocean."

Once your water is boiling add in your pasta and cooke it according to the package instructions.

Next, add in tomato and pepper paste to the cast iron skillet followed by a jar of roasted peppers.

Take about one and a half blocks on Piknik cheese and nestle it into the cast iron.

Now, place the cast iron into the even and bake until the cheese and veggies are bubbling.

Next, you'll need an emersion blender, food processor, or blender to blend the cheese, onions, garlic, and peppers together.

Make sure to reserve a mug-full of pasta water before draining the pasts noodles.

Pour the sauce onto the pasta and ix it all together. Add in pasta water if you need to thin out the sauce.

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