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A Hayastanci's Guide to Armenian Music for Non-Hayastancis

Being the only Hayastanci at the Miaseen office I realized such a disconnect within our Armenian musical knowledge. Songs that I know to be classics were unknown to my peers here. 

So to all my non-hayastancis, here is your beginners guide to hayastanci music favorites: 

  1. ASA Asdvadz - Paul Baghdalian 

It would be almost disrespectful to make an Armenian Music Playlist and not include the one and only Paul. I don’t know about you guys, but if there is a barbeque happening with my family, Paul will be playing in the background.

  1. Sourp Sarkis - Aram Asatryan

Another must include classic. I bet you all of our parents had their first dance to this song. 

  1. Anapati Arev - Tata Simonyan

This is the only song I want playing when I’m on a road trip.

  1. Shaba Daba Dash - Tata Simonyan

This will be the best 21 minutes of your life. And yes, we will be watching to make sure you know all the words.

  1. Kamac Kamac - Tatoul Aroyan

Even though Tatoul has become more of a meme in the Armenian community nowadays, he is still a musical genius.

  1. Hayreniq - Arman Hovhannisyan 

This song is a great representation of Armenian Pride. Give it up to the soldiers keeping our motherland safe! 

  1. Gnam Gnam - Harout Khachoyan 

This one has a little bit of funk to it. You can’t help it but wanna shake.

  1. Siro Hasak - Aram MP3

I don’t know if it’s the instrumentation or what, but it’s giving Armenian Frank Senatra. 

  1. Shnorhavor - Martin Mkrtchyan

There hasn’t been a birthday in the last 5 or so years that I’ve been to where they haven’t played this song. If you don’t know this one, I’m gonna guess you don’t socialize much. 

  1. Lav Lsi - Armenchik

On the seventh day God rested, and on the eight day Armenians discovered house music. 

  1. Quele-Quele (Remix) - Sirusho

I can hear it now, the songs building up to that point as the dj goes, “EVERYBODY! PUTCHYO HANDS UP! ONE, TWO, THREE, GOOOO!” and that bass drops. Euphoric. 

  1. Qami Pchi Pt.1 - H.A.Y.Q. 

My jaw dropped when I played this in the office and no one knew what this was. This is Armenian excellence if I have anything to say about it. The rapping is exquisite, and that chorus has me wanting to call my ex. 

  1. Ara Vay - Narek Mets Hayq, Hranto

Have you ever said to yourself “vaaaaaaaay”? Well now there's a song where you can say it repeatedly for three and a half minutes. 

  1. Hop Hop Jivani - Arkadi Dumikyan, Tigran Asatryan 

This ones fairly new, and it’s already becoming an Armenian party classic. 

  1. Let’s Go Back… - Super Sako ft. Tatoul

I recently went to a party where they played this song and the odars at the party were going wild! I had to include this one after that, big crowd pleaser. 

  1. Mi Gna - Super Sako ft. Spitakci Hayko

This song was so popular at one point that even my non-Armenian friends were playing it. So if you don’t know this one I’m judging you a little. 

  1. Siloyi Par - Silva Hakobyan

There’s only one way to describe this song… Armenian Cha-Cha-Slide. 

  1. Aprum Em Keznov - Arabo Ispiryan 

You can’t go wrong with this one. Great use of classic Armenian instrumentation, and the lyrics are nice too. 

  1. Tnic Paxel’em - Silva Hakobyan 

This one is an Armenian family's nightmare in a song. An entire song about how this woman ran away from her family for a man, it’s like an Armenian Disney Princess Movie. 

  1. Kiss Me - Armenchik ft. Francesca Ramirez

This one is the ultimate party banger. Most of it is in English with some Armenian thrown in for the vibes, also some Spanish by the lovely Francesca. Also shoutout to miss Francesca for her Armenian singing, very impressive.

  1. Tariner - Harout Pamboukjian, Sirusho 

This song is absolutely beautiful. From the lyrics to the way their voices complement one another, it’s a must-listen. 

  1. Sirem Qez, Lianam - Razmik Amyan

Every Armenian girl in 2016 had this song as their first dance on their wedding day. I don’t blame them though, I would too.

  1. Champa Tveq - Arkadi Dumikyan 

This song has me speeding down the street as if I have a “yar” to get to. Haha, I’m so lonely. 

  1. Inchu Em Qez Sirum - Lilit Hovhannisyan, Mihran Tsarukyan

If this song isn't to your taste, at LEAST check out the music video for this. They did a full on production all for a four minute song. 

  1. Aranc Qez - D Litte, ANAHIT 

This one has a much newer and contemporary vibe. Very R&B and very different from all the songs above it on this list. 

Well there you have it. We do not gatekeep here at Miaseen and I hope these are songs you liked. I don’t know how or when this disconnect in our music taste began between the different subcultures of Armenians, but hopefully through sharing we can feel even more connected with one another.   

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