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Deradoorian's New Project Decisive Pink

Welcome to the hypnotic allure of the new electronic pop duo Decisive Pink made up of Dirty Projector alumnus, Angel Deradoorian and Russian experimental pop artist, Kate NV. Named after Wassily Kandinsky’s abstract painting, “Decisive Pink,” the pair have released their debut album, Ticket To Fame

Decisive Pink by Sean Stout | Armenian Musicians
Decisive Pink by Sean Stout

Angel and Kate recorded Ticket To Fame in Cologne, Germany at a mutual friend’s studio that boasts an expansive collection of analogue synthesizers. 

Angel explains, “it was very exciting to step into the ‘synth- dome’ as I think of it. I can’t remember all the synths we used, but definitely one of the Prophets, a modular, a Juno, a Jupiter, a Rodeo, a synth with a bee on it and some synth from the 1980s that Kate knew about.” 

Their lead single “Destiny” released late February explores themes about the nature of human belief. 

The album’s first single “Haffmich Holiday '' was inspired by a daily ritual of ordering oat milk cappuccinos from a German coffee shop. That little spark of joy each day from the simple pleasure of a good cappuccino spoke trading the daily grind to bask in the little happy moments. 

"Ode to a Boy" is a reworking of the famous refrain from Beethoven's Ninth.

The 11-track album is a fusion of etherial synthesizers, infectious beats, and introspective lyrics pointing to the romance surrounding the simple pleasures in life.

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