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Armenian Generations Under Threat: Tegh Village | Part 1 to Part 6

RussiaDespite the loosely enforced peace agreement administered by Russia in the aftermath of the 44-Day Artsakh War between Armenian and Azerbaijan, generations of Armenians live in constant threat in Armenian villages along the Azeri border.

In this documentary broken up into 6 parts, we see the life of a family in Tegh, as we learn about Aznavur's time as a soldier and the difficulties his wife and mother faced, and his predicament raising his children in a reality where his 1-year-old son will one day serve in the military.

This documentary collaboration between MIASEEN Inc. and Kooyrigs Foundation.

Please consider donating to Kooyrigs to help the families in Artsakh with basic necessities: https://kooyrigs.org/donatetokooyrigs

Kooyrigs provides resources to the global Armenian network by launching community projects, implementing educational initiatives, and amplifying marginalized voices.

Director: Hovig Kazandjian

Executive Producer: Anthony Dikran Abaci

Executive Producer: Karine Eurdekian

Producer: Brandon Balayan

Cinematographer: Margos Margossian

B-Camera Operator/Assistant Director: Brandon Balayan

Editor: Hovig Kazandjian

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