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Amerikatsi Premieres in Los Angeles Sept. 6, Followed by National Release

Amerikatsi is set to premiere on September 6th at the Alex Theatre, and will open in LA and New York September 7th before rolling out to theaters all over the U.S.

A scene from Amerikatsi, featuring writer, director, and lead actor Michael Goorjian.

Amerikatsi follows Charlie Bakhchinyan, played by Michael Goorjian, who returns to Armenia in 1948 to find his homeland under Soviet rule. Soon after his arrival, Charlie is unjustly imprisoned. Alone in solitary confinement, he discovers he can see into the window of a nearby apartment from his prison cell and becomes consumed by the life of the prison guard who lives there. By watching the day-to-day life in the apartment, Charlie uncovers the tremendous spirit, hope and tenacity of Armenians. 

Amerikatsi follows an American repat to Armenia who falls into Soviet imprisonent.

Emmy-winning actor and director, Michael Goorjian directed, wrote, produced and starred in the film explains;

“I made it (Amerikatsi) to help share our culture with a wider audience. I think it's important to make Armenian films for Armenians, but more important for us to make films that non-Armenians find accessible.”
A secne from Amerikatsi.

Goorjian first got the idea for the film while directing a circus/cabaret show in Eastern Europe called Palazzo. “The seed of the idea for Amerikatsi came from a Ukrainian magician named Voronin who told me a story about a prisoner who could see into an apartment across the way from his cell window,” said Goorjian. 

View the official trailer for Amerikatsi below. 

To buy tickets to the September 6th premiere at the Alex Theater, click here.

To find showtimes in your area, visit amerikatsi.film

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