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Summer Essentials with Souren at Chance Vintage

Marked by a pair of neon dice, in the heart of Magnolia Blvd., known for its retro charm lined with vintage and antique stores, you'll find Souren Ohanian's Chance Vintage. Walking into the spacious Chance Vintage filled to the rim with a diverse array of clothing and accessories you'll see endless possibilities of one of a kind finds to sort through.

As summertime approaches we went shopping with Souren to get his take on everyday summer outfits that prioritize keeping cool and comfortable.

Storefront of Chance Vintage

"I usually go for a lot of simple outfits," says Souren as he starts us off with a detail oriented yet easy-to-put-together look equipped with vintage and reworked pieces.

Souren Ohanian, owner of Chance Vintage

He wears a singles-stitch tank/tee circa 1980s. Souren explains that single-stitch and vintage t-shirts are a standard in his wardrobe as their comfort his unbeatable. "You can't replicate them," he says, "as much as brands try to replicate the feel."

Souren's favorite part of the outfits is a vintage Army thermal that he wears under the vintage top. The thermal is versatile as a staple layering piece as well as a transitional piece for summer and fall.

For bottoms, Souren opted for a loose fitting pair of mid-wash blue jeans. He reveals that they are actually women's jeans. "I wear women's jeans sometimes, because they are a little bit more comfortable and higher waste," he explains.

He finishes the outfit off with a re-worked tote bag made by Souren's brand Recouture made from Car-hart workwear pants. Souren sums this outfit up by saying, "I just want to be comfortable. I don't want to flex what I'm wearing."

With the next outfit, Souren emphasizes his love for oversized tops.

His affinity for flowy pieces stem from keeping cool during hotter months of the year. He layers a Hawaiian button down shirt over a grey and white striped t-shirt pairing them with grey-toned denim on the bottom.

"What I mostly try to do with the outfits is bring all the pieces together by making the tones of the colors slowly mesh with one-another," he shares about his process of putting outfits together. "If you look at this (Hawaiian shirt) and the pants it might not go well immediately, but because the shirt's striped you can create a fusion from the pants to the Hawaiian by adding this (striped grey t-shirt) in between."

He tops off the outfit with another tot-bag from Recoture made from vintage workwear pants.

In his final outfit, Souren incorporates vintage staples that are fit for a capsule wardrobe for any season.

At the center of the outfit is a four-pocket vintage denim light-wash Levi's jacket. Souren says he wouldn't hesitate to wear the classic piece year-round.

Underneath the Levi's jacket, Souren wears a vintage beige-toned 70's polo. He explains the thinness of the shirt makes it ideal for summertime.

Souren switches up the colors in the outfit by tying a red bandana around his neck.

He incorporates a red flannel tote bag from Recoture to tie in with the bandana.

On the bottom, Souren has on olive-green, vintage, pleated safari pants from Japan. The ultra-thin and breathable fabric along with its neutral tone makes them easy to wear over the summer.

Stop by Chance Vintage to pick up Summer essentials for you closet.

This Saturday, May 20th, Chance Vintage will celeberate its 7th anniversary from 7 PM to 11 PM at its Burbank store located at 3606 W Magnolia Blvd. Come by for a fruitful evening with a $14 storewide sale, music, local vendors and more.

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