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Home Essentials by Armenian Creators You Should Know

We’ve found some talented Armenian designers and creators who are taking inspiration from traditional Armenian culture and to pave a new path in their respective fields. 

Ceramic Jewelry dish made by the Yerevan based Arevik Diratonian Ceramics

Diratorian incorporates old Armenian “daghdghan” ornaments to create unique pieces that bring old traditions into a new era like in these beautiful vases. 

Brutents Ceramics oval and circle shaped vases with calligraphy that read the rhymes of  “Kroonk '' composed by Komitas.  The simple yet elegant design melds Armenian cultural roots with a minimalistic shape and color.

Brutents Ceramics candlestick holder with the Armenian words Love and Light in gold. The handmade candle stick holders come in one-of-a-kind shapes and sizes. 

Unadultured Candles' ‘Habibi Tings’ candle with notes of Magnolia, Peony, and Cherry Blossom. Hand-poured in Los Angeles Unadulterated Candles creates scented soy candles with ‘cheeky things to say.’ 

Pomegranate Abstract print digitally drawn by Lena Dakessian Halteh. The San Francisco-based writer, illustrator, multimedia journalist, and artists created the folk-inspired art brand Pom + Peacock. View more on Lena's etsy store here.

The Armenian Alphabet espresso cup and saucer set designed by Truly Madly Ink  adds an elegant touch to your next cup of Armenian coffee. Proceeds from the sale of the cup and saucer set will support the women in the documentary film Motherland.

Armenian Kouhng Incense from Apricotty incorporates a unique blend of pure essential oils, resins and herbs. 

These candle stick holders by Lilit Malkhasyan are made from Tuff stone.  Tuff is a type of volcanic stone, warm and light, very common to the Armenian Highland. They come in two colors, Ani Orange tuff and Yerevan Black tuff. 

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