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From Rural Armenia to Texas: Saten's Journey

“My village grows as I grow, and it’s like a rebirth of my community.”

COAF has been making a positive impact on the rural youth in Armenia for years. Travel with us to the Lori region of Armenia, where we meet Saten! From living in the village of Debet to living in Texas for a year with her host family, we learn about her personal journey as she stepped out into the world only to come back to her village with her experiences.

aboutVisit http://coaf.org to learn more on ways you can join in empowering Armenia's rural youth.

Special Thanks and Credits to:

Haig Boyadjian

David Manoukia

Hasmik Sargsyan

Anthony Dikran Abaci

Hovig Kazandjian

Margos Margossian

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