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Your Mom-Friendly Guide to Armenian-Owned CBD Products

If your Armenian mother is not frightened by anything to do with CBD, congratulations, you deserve a nazook. 

For the rest of us who were raised by mothers who taught us to fear the world and not take drugs, the normalization of CBD products has been an adjustment. 

Explaining the difference between CBD and THC is like trying to find an Armenian who doesn’t work in real estate. It’s impossible. 

So we went to work to create the first edition of the Mom-Friendly Guide to Armenian-Owned CBD Products, filled with fantastic Mother’s Day gifts, a treat for yourself, or even a starter pack for your first foray into the CBD universe.

At this point, we’ll do anything to get these Armenian moms to relax. 

Every brand featured was started by Armenian entrepreneurs. Please consult a doctor before use.

Topikal Emu Oil CBD Salve 1000 mg

Armenian Owned CBD and Wellness Company

Those who use CBD are often its biggest champions, citing countless results in self-usage. Meanwhile, numerous scientists, physicians, and dermatologists continue to research and peer review the direct health benefits of CBD, the acronym for cannabidiol, a main ingredient extracted from the hemp plant, which is from the same botanical family as marijuana. 

Regardless, Topikal has been a pioneer in the CBD space. And not just in sales. 

Founders Gary and Gary Avetisyian opened up Topikal as a boutique retail store in 2016, the first ever in California. After witnessing the positive improvements from CBD products and a void in the marketplace, they decided to jump in. They noticed an educational gap between CBD and those who might benefit most, so each product on their website has extensive and digestible information about each product and their ingredients, from origin to creation process. 

Armenian Owned CBD and Wellness Company
Topikal founders Greg Avetisyan (left) and Gary Avetisyan (right). Photo by Brian van dur Burg (LA Times).

The brothers’ focus on alleviating pain symptoms for users stays true with one of their most popular products, the Emu Oil Salve. 

Intended to soothe body inflammation as well as muscle, nerve, and joint pain, a relaxing scent emerges when applying the beeswax-esque product to your skin. Topikal focuses on minimal ingredients in their products with organic hemp used to extract the CBD with 0% THC used (the stuff that gets you high). 

Available for purchase through the Topikal website for $99.00

Click here for Topikal’s Emu Oil CBD Salve 1000mg.

Seedbloom Muscle + Joints CBD Roller

Armenian Owned CBD and Wellness Company

If your mom tries to wrap sliced potatoes around your head when you have a headache, or if your medz baba forces a gulp of olgi down your throat to cure your tickling throat, Seedbloom is the brand for you. 

Seedbloom founder Eva Markarian’s tatik would have her wear white vinegar-soaked socks to bed to relieve a fever, sparking the journey to uncover, research, and produce products through natural remedies that improve people’s lives. 

Her skincare and wellness brand is beyond just a passion project, as Eva has become a licensed aromatherapist and ensures she is also a part of the testing process to create quality Seedbloom products. Along the way, she has alleviated her chronic migraines, nausea, and debilitating menstrual cramps that nearly forced her to stop working as a fashion designer. 

Eva’s lone CBD product is her Muscle + Joints CBD 10ml Roller, which uses a blend of CBD oil, coconut oil, and peppermint essential oils, among others, to create a cooling aid to discomfort in muscles and joints. 

If you have a pilates mom, this is great for any post-workout soreness and arthritis symptoms. For any computer nerds that have been plagued by carpal tunnel, the cooling oil could alleviate the swelling that often causes numbness and pain. 

Available for purchase through Seedbloom website for $16.00.

Click here for Seedblooms Muscle + Joint CBD 5ml Roller.

22Red Hemp CBD Disposable Vape

Armenian Owned Weed and CBD Company

Shavo Odadjian’s follow-up act to being the bassist in System of a Down is his cannabis brand 22Red. 

From pre-roll joints to curated marijuana, Shavo’s small weed empire now sells in stores across Arizona, Nevada, and California, spreading his touch of self-proclaimed cannabis connoisseurship. 

Armenian Shavo Odadjian with Weed
SOAD's Shavo Odadjian at his 22Red indoor marijuana farm. Photo by 22Red.

I know what you’re thinking. I’m secretly trying to get your mom high so you can take a video of her to send us to post as a follow to this piece. Okay, you got me.

Luckily for me and your mom, 22Red has their non-THC 22Red Hemp CBD Disposable Vape pen, which was claimed as one of the best CBD pens by cannabis culture publication High Times. 

While not being psychoactive, the pen is intended to calm anxieties and engage with your endocannabinoid system, a set of transmitters in your brain that regulates your memory, emotional processing, sleep, temperature control, among other critical controls including inflammation.  

Available for purchase through 22Red retail partners.

Click here for California stores near you.

Click here for Arizona stores near you.

Click here for Nevada stores near you.

Hirik Naturals Hemp Seed Oil

CBD Weed Oil From Armenia

Dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis are all treated with anti-inflammatory creams and medicines, which is why hemp-based product’s anti-inflammatory effects have emerged as a remedy option for dry and sensitive skin. 

While dermatologists and scientists are still out researching the concrete effects, Armenian-based skin and bodycare company Hirik has made their Natural Hemp Seed Oil available. The Armenian company - which ships out of the United State - started with an array of plant-based scrubs, moisturizers, and even hair loss prevention creams for men. 

The Hirik Natural Hemp Seed Oil is one of the only Armenian-based companies with hemp in any of their products, as Armenian government entities are resistant to allowing any form of cannabis farming and harvesting to take place. 

Available to purchase through Buy Armenian website for $11.99

Click here for Hirik Natural 30ml Hemp Seed Oil.

Topikal Lavender CBD Bath Bomb 60mg 

What is a list of Armenian-owned CBD products without another item from Topikal. 

If you’re not in need of something more subtle and soothing, you can’t go wrong with a bath bomb. Their bath bombs combine natural salts and minerals that cleans pores and soften skin. The bombs include their plant hemp cannabinoids that are intended to soothe muscle aches with its anti-inflammatory effects, leading to more muscle relaxation and better sleep. 

I have never met an Armenian mom who doesn’t love Lavender, however you can pick the right bath bomb from you, with options in Green Tea, Eucalyptus, Petal (roses), and Deep Space (charcoal). Each variation comes with its own unique set of benefits, different from the Lavender product.

Available for purchase through the Topikal website for $14.00

Click here for Lavender CBD Bath Bomb 60mg.

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Keep your Armenian moms relaxed, y'all.

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