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Miscarriages in Artsakh Have Tripled in The Last Month Due to Inaccess to Food

According to a report by ArtsakhPress on July 19, miscarriages have tripled in Artsakh over the past month due to food shortages brought on by blockade. 

Vardges Osipov, the executive director of “Mother and Child Health Care Center” of Stepanakert said during an interview on July 19, “Naturally, the created situation has had a very negative impact on both fertility and all kinds of complications that we already encounter during our daily practical work,” he goes on to say, “I should mention that in the last month, the rate of miscarriages has increased almost three times."

Vardges Osipov, executive director of “Mother and Child Health Care Center” of Stepanakert. By ArtsakhPress.
Vardges Osipov, executive director of “Mother and Child Health Care Center” of Stepanakert. By ArtsakhPress.

Azerbaijan's blockade of the Lachin Corridor has disconnected the people of Artsakh from Armenia, preventing any food or medicine from entering the region. Artsakh is experiencing food scarcity as grocery stores are completely empty and residents struggle to meet their daily nutritional needs. 

Pregnant women in Artsakh do not have access to proper nutrition needed to nourish their unborn children. Osipov says, "Naturally, all this (increased rate of miscarriages)  is caused by both the stressful situation and lack of a balanced diet."

Seen above, "Footage showing the deteriorating humanitarian catastrophe & latest developments in Artsakh under 221 days of blockade & 36 days of total siege by Azerbaijan." from Artak Beglaryan, Advisor to State Minister of Artsakh/Karabakh Republic.

Azerbaijan’s systemic blockade can have lasting effects on future generations of Armenians in Artsakh as future mothers struggle to find proper nutrition during their pregnancy and for their young children. 

In a report by UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) published earlier this year, “inadequate nutrition during girls’ and women’s lives can lead to weakened immunity, poor cognitive development, and an increased risk of life-threatening complications – including during pregnancy and childbirth – with dangerous and irreversible consequences for their children’s survival, growth, learning, and future earning capacity.”

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