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Mary Basmadjian as Vartoush and Lory Tatoulian as Dandeegeen Hripsime Argue Western vs Eastern Armenian Phrases

Arm 101 is a series where we dive into the eccentricities of our wild, historical, and beautiful language with some of the funniest Armenians we know.

Comedian Mary Basmadjian better known as “Vartoush'' and Armenian comedian Lory Tatoulian aka Dandeegeen Hripsime argue over the different definitions of Western and Eastern Armenian phrases.

Continue watching if you want to see the two argue over which dialect is more “accurate” as they explain phrases like “shor”, “kef”, “bathroom”, “shinel”, etc. and how Armenians use these phrases. 

Special thanks to our episode sponsor Zephyr Mediterranean Grill. Zephyr is an Armenian family operated Middle Eastern Restaurant serving home-made authentic Mediterranean food in Pasadena. Found them south of the I-210 on Colorado Boulevard.

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